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FPM core operations will be to manufacture PET Preforms, PET and HDPE bottles, PET containers and HDPE closures. The word PET means Polyethylene Terephthalate. It is a polyester form and is used for the manufacturing of plastic containers, bottles and other consumer items.  PET is a highly appreciated packaging material because it is strong, light, and economical. Upon opening of the enterprise Frandre Plastic Molders are already manufacturing 4 different kinds of Preforms, 20 different kinds of bottles and closures in different colours, 5L closures and handles, as well as various other plastic containers. Frandre Plastic Molders plans to expand its range according to the client's specifications over time.


The company owns the most modern machinery in terms of PET and plastic manufacturing and thus the company's capacity is unprecedented in Namibia. All products are locally manufactured and not imported and that’s why we offer our products at an affordable price with no competition to our competitors.


Strategically located in Omaruru, FPM is equipped with its own transport and will be able to serve the Namibian and even international market with the best quality and most cost-effective products

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